Totally Custom and Unique Upholstery

Unique Upholstery specializes in top to bottom custom upholstery for luxury and recreational vehicles. From hot rods to offshore boats and everything thing in between, if you can bring it to us, we can do it! Our beautiful interiors are designed and fabricated based on your unique needs and desires, and we will work diligently to ensure that we are exceeding your expectations.

Our team of luxury interior specialists offer top custom auto upholstery to clients throughout the US, and we are looking forward to helping you express your unique style through your vehicle. Browse through some of the different interiors we offer, and contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!

Hot Rod Auto Upholstery

We know that hot rods are all about flash and style, which is why we will work with you to design and install a one of a kind custom interior. With our unique designs and wide range of material options, we will help match your hot rod interior to the exterior, giving you a unified style. Most importantly, all of our interiors are design to meet your unique needs while being so comfortable you could ride in your hot rod all day!

Hot Rod Custom Interior

Restomod Custom Upholstery

At Unique Upholstery, we understand how much time and effort you’ve put into restoring and modifying your vehicle. Our experienced team of auto interior designers and fabricators strive to create an interior that will fit your style and your Restomod. Whether you’re looking for an authentic interior, or want to include some modern comforts, we will make sure your custom upholstery and interior soars above your expectations.

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Restomod Custom Interior

Bespoke Auto Interior Upholstery

From brand new vehicles to vintage restorations, Unique Upholstery can help create a beautiful custom interior to add the perfect amount of luxury and comfort. Our top to bottom, totally custom upholstery will add a unique style and elegance to any vehicle, and our crew will work with you every step of the way to make sure we’re meeting all of your needs and desires for your new upholstery.
We use only the finest leathers and threads in the world, and our fabrication team can add any toy or luxury to your vehicle’s interior. From additional cup holders to heated seats and a flat-screen television, we can do it all!

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Bespoke Custom Interior with lighting effects

Offshore Boats

We also offer complete custom interiors for offshore boats! Our designs are perfect for cruising or speeding along the waves, and we only use the highest quality materials that will hold up to water and salt. Most importantly, we’ll include all of the safety features you need to make sure you and your guests can rest easy while you glide across the water in the lap of luxury.

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Offshore Boat Custom Interior

Toter/Sport Trucks

Just because your sport truck is meant to haul all of your toys safely, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to ride comfortably yourself! Unique Upholstery can design and fabricate complete custom interiors for your toter and sport truck. With high-end leather seats and all of the comforts you’d expect in a luxury vehicle, you can transport the family and all of your recreational toys in one stylish truck.

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Toter Sports Truck with Custom Interior

Sprinter Vans

Create the ultimate statement in comfort, elegance and functionality with a Mercedes Sprinter Van custom interior. We can help you to create a fully functional mobile office suite complete with desks, video screens and full communications, or a sleek, luxury, built to your specifications ride through traffic. We can customize your layout and floor plan to make your commute time something you will look forward to.

We employ the highest level of craftsmanship and use the finest high-end materials. Get both the convenience and comfort of a Sprinter Van with all of the features and amenities you could possibly want in a vehicle.

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Mercedes Sprinter Van with Custom Interior


if you can dream, we can fabricate it. our name says it all, “unique”. we design one-of-a-kind interiors that are unique to you, and no one else. we use only the highest quality materials and stitching that exceeds client expectations.