Unique Upholstery serves clients throughout North America and Beyond.  Although we do not coordinate or select shippers for our clients, we will work directly with your transportation company when your vehicle arrives.   Our shipper information section is designed to make their trip to our facility as stress-free and straightforward as possible. 
Our private & confidential process enables us to provide incoming logistics, along with a seamless check-in procedure to provide you peace of mind throughout the transportation both to and from our Arizona facility.  Our outgoing logistics and checkout procedures are equally as complete and ensure that your vehicle is transitioned to your shipping company with all the appropriate photos, documentation and sign-offs.


Will you accept international shipments?

Yes, we accept customize vehicles from all over the world.   We have worked multiple ways, typically the client selects the shipper they would like to work with and then they provide us with this information.  However, we can assist in potential suggestions depending on your area but ultimately the client makes the final decision.   

How will I be kept up to date on the process?

Directly from your shipping company.  We will contact you when your vehicle arrives at our facility.

During the build process, we will send picture updates periodically along with your progress invoices.

How should I arrange for the transport of my vehicle?

There are a variety of ways. Could be a flatbed, tow truck, enclosed pull behind, just depends how far away you are and what you are most comfortable with.  Please let us know your initial thoughts when you provide us your project overview.

What are your shipping delivery hours?

Monday through Thursday from 10 am -4 pm.  If you need options outside of these times we can work to accommodate you.  We have a detailed check-in process and we need to schedule accordingly. 


Before we begin the transformation to your new custom interior, we need to make sure your vehicle is efficiently and safely transported to our facility. We will work with you to coordinate transportation to and from our location and we will provide updates regarding the status and progress of your vehicle.

Shipping a Car

Check-in Process

When your vehicle arrives at our facility, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure that it has not been damaged in transit. In addition, we will fill out our check-in documentation form to provide additional peace of mind for you.  Should we find any unexpected challenges, we will contact you immediately.  After our review and documentation, we will send you a confirmation email stating that your vehicle has been received and provide you with any supporting information.

Sports Car

Check-out Process

As part of our final quality control process, we thoroughly inspect and exercise all interior components to make sure that everything looks and works perfectly.  Following the final QC process, we will coordinate with you to schedule a visit to our facility to present your vehicle to you.  If you can’t make it to our facility, we will provide you with a video-based tour of your transformed vehicle.
Once this process is completed, we will then work with you to coordinate the transportation of your vehicle back to you.

Car Caddy


if you can dream, we can fabricate it. our name says it all, “unique”. we design one-of-a-kind interiors that are unique to you, and no one else. we use only the highest quality materials and stitching that exceeds client expectations.